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Weekly Menu

All of our prepared meals are made from scratch with organic, local and ethically sourced ingredients and delivered to you in returnable containers. We have a variety of plan options to suit your lifestyle, family size, and food preferences. Choosing a plan instead of "a la carte" meals offers you a discount! We update the menu weekly, and orders are due the Thursday of the week before your delivery. 

Menu This Week 

Order deadline of Thursday, January 16 and delivery January 20 & 21.

GF - Gluten-Free *       NF- Nut-Free *     

This Week's Menu & Serving Instructions:

1.   Creamy Mushroom & Brown Rice Soup

      A hearty soup with mushrooms, brown rice, veggies, and a creamy coconut broth. GF NF

        Ingredients: Organic brown rice, organic mushrooms, coconut milk, organic carrots, organic onion, organic                    spinach, vegetable broth, organic herbs, organic garlic, oil, salt, spices. 

        Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.


2.  Spinach Harvest Salad

      A winter salad with spinach, roasted squash and leeks, lentils, brown rice, walnuts, and a maple-mustard                       dressing. GF 

       Ingredients: Organic spinach, organic brown rice, organic lentils, organic squash, organic leek,                                         organic onion & garlic, organic herbs, walnuts, organic lemon juice, maple syrup, mustard, vinegar,                                 oil, salt, spices.

       Serving Instructions - Eat cold.

3.  Cauliflower, Squash and Tempeh Coconut Curry

      A warming curry with cauliflower, squash, and marinated tempeh with a curried coconut sauce. GF 

        Ingredients: Organic rice, organic squash, organic tempeh, cauliflower, organic tomato, organic garlic and onion,          coconut milk, organic herbs, lemon juice, oil, spices, salt.

        Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.

4.   Broccoli Alfredo Pasta

      A creamy alfredo pasta with fresh broccoli. 

         Ingredients: Organic pasta, organic broccoli, cashews, soy milk, organic onion, fresh herbs, vinegar,                                 oil, organic garlic, salt, spices, lemon juice.

         Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.

5.   Citrus-Tahini Bowl

       A bright bowl with quinoa, marinated tofu, fresh vegetables and a citrus-tahini dressing. GF 

          Ingredients: Organic quinoa, organic tofu, organic seasonal veggies, organic onion, orange, tahini, fresh ginger,            soy sauce, rice vinegar, chilli, oil, organic garlic, salt, spices. 

          Serving Instructions - Eat cold.



*Please note that we are NOT an allergen-free kitchen and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. We have processes in place to minimize that happening but cannot guarantee there is no risk. If you are a Celiac or have a severe nut allergy we recommend you do not eat our products. 

Last Week's Menu & Serving Instructions:

1.   White Bean & Tomato Soup  

      A hearty soup with a thick tomato base, white beans, carrots, and rice.  GF NF

        Ingredients: Organic rice, organic white beans, organic tomato, organic carrots, organic onion, organic spinach,            vegetable broth, organic herbs, organic garlic, oil, salt, spices. 

        Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.


2. Lasagna rolls

     Lasagna rolls with vegan tofu ricotta, house-made tomato sauce, and layered vegetables. 

       Ingredients: Organic pasta, organic tofu, organic zucchini, organic spinach, organic tomatoes,                                           organic onion & garlic, organic herbs, cashews, organic lemon juice, vinegar, oil, salt, spices.

       Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.

3.  Falafel Salad

      A bright salad with baked falafel, pickled & fresh vegetables, tabbouleh, and a vegan tzatziki dressing.  

        Ingredients: Organic lettuce, organic chickpeas, organic couscous, organic beets, organic tomato, organic                      cucumber, organic garlic and onion, organic flour, organic flax, organic herbs, vinegar,  vegan green goddess                cashew yogurt, lemon juice, oil, spices, salt.

        Serving Instructions - Eat Cold.

4.   Roasted Artichoke Kale Salad

      A fresh salad with artichokes, roasted chickpeas, fresh vegetables and a herb-cashew dressing. GF 

         Ingredients: Organic kale, organic chickpeas, organic carrots, artichokes, organic fennel, organic onion,                         cashews, fresh herbs, vinegar, oil, organic garlic, salt, spices, lemon juice.

         Serving Instructions - Eat cold.

5.   Thai Red Tofu Curry

       Thai curry with tofu, fresh vegetables and a mildly spicy sauce served with rice. GF NF

          Ingredients: Organic rice, organic tofu, organic sweet potatoes, organic onion, organic bell peppers, organic                  broccoli, vegan red curry paste , oil, organic garlic, salt, spices. 

          Serving Instructions - Heat in microwave or stove top until hot.