Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community-based hub that connects people who care about where their food's coming from, who's growing and making it, and how it's impacting the planet. We want to change the food system for the better, and that starts with making sustainable food more accessible and easy for consumers to access.


Our aim is to provide the best quality food at a low - but fair - price. We provide this by offering a sliding-scale membership price, working with local producers & growers to reduce distribution costs, and operating online to eliminate storefront costs. We also offer free delivery across Guelph, reaching every neighborhood. 

Our Food Principles

  • 100% Vegan - All of our grocery items, prepared foods, and home & beauty products are always plant-based. We respect the lives of all humans & non-human animals meaning we do not contribute to their exploitation. 

  • Organic & Sustainably Farmed Ingredients - Almost all of our ingredients are sourced organically. We stand behind sustainable farming and preserving healthy farmland & soil. All of our products are made from food grown using sustainable practices. 

  • Protecting Workers - We try to ensure that all of the people producing our ingredients are provided with fair wages and safe working conditions. We work with many local farms who don't use migrant labour, or work to increase the rights of migrant workers. All of our chocolate, coffee, bananas, and coconut oil either meet or far exceed fair trade certifications. 

  • Local - Our goal is to source as many ingredients as locally as possible. We work with various local farms, and use seasonally available produce. Almost all of our prepared foods are made in house, and when outsourced we only buy from small, local Ontario companies. 

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