Do I have to be vegan and/or zero-waste to use this service? 

Absolutely not! The Conscious Grocer strives to offer food for everyone whether you are vegan, veg-curious, zero-waste, or just trying to reduce your impact on our planet. We want to make sustainable & ethical food as accessible and easy for everyone who wants it! Learn more on our mission page. 

Do I need to buy a membership to order? 

Yes. Our membership fee helps cover the cost of your containers through our container program, and delivery costs for your orders. If you are unsure if you want to be a member your first order can be placed without a membership. If you are happy with your purchase, and want to order again you can purchase your membership at that point!

How do the containers work? Can I use my own? 

We supply all of the containers used for your purchases. Our containers and both glass jars and high quality, BPA-free plastic. Your delivery will include a specific number of containers. Please ensure you clean them after use and set them aside. During your next delivery, they will be collected. Unfortunately you are unable to use your own containers as we are not a retail store and there are some health & safety restrictions. All of the containers are then sanitized in our kitchen before they are used again.

Do you have a minimum order cost for delivery? 

Yes. Free delivery is included in your membership fee, but we do require that your order be at least $30 to qualify for delivery. If your order is under $30 we recommend you share an order with a friend, or you can pay an additional $10 for delivery. See our membership page for more info

Are all of your products zero-waste? 

Yes and no! We have no individually packaged products meaning all of the food delivered to you will be 100% plastic/waste free. We don't fully back the term "zero-waste", as there is still some minimal plastic/paper waste from the bulk bags we use to supply your orders. Most of this waste is recyclable, and we are always looking for more zero-waste suppliers. 

Are all of your products organic and local? 

Almost all of our ingredients are organically sourced (about 95%). There are some products we are unable to find organically such as nutritional yeast, certain spices, or more ethnic & imported ingredients. We also try to work with as many local farmers as possible. Most of our vegetables are sourced locally, as well as some grains and legumes. See our mission page for more info.

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